OUR ACADEMIC VISION:  Challenging today’s learners to think for tomorrow.

OUR SOCIAL VISION:  As a Viking, my words and actions show that Kindness Matters!

Riverside Spring Athletic Information

Sport events start this week. Due to the social distancing guidelines, the space in the gym is limited.  Tickets will be given to each player and they will be able to give them to family/friends. The ticket will only be for that athlete's game.
Game day information for parents/family/spectators attending home games.   Doors will open 10 minutes before the start of each game.  All spectators will enter through the south doors (bus loop doors by the gym), not at the main entrance.   After the game is over we will exit the East doors (by the boys locker room) to go outside to your vehicles.    We will be helping direct traffic so we clear the gym quickly to clean and sanitize before the next game .   
Please make sure you have the correct wristband for entry into the game.  Spectators will not be allowed to enter the game without the correct wristband.  All wristbands are labeled with the student athletes name, the date of the game, and the team we are playing.  Fans from visiting schools will not be allowed to attend games.  This is true for our fans as well on away games, you will not be allowed to attend away games as spectators. We are working on live streaming all games at home.  We will put the code on the Riverside website as well as the Riverside Facebook page.  We will do the same if we get the information from the opposing schools to Livestream away games.  All Livestream information will be on our website and Facebook page.
Admission We are not charging this year for admission into our games.  We know it is a tough time right now for a lot of our families.  There will be a cash box at the entrance for donations if you feel you can do that.  Normally, admission prices are $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for students and senior citizens, and $7.00 for a family.  Thank you for your support.


We are excited to welcome you to our school! At Riverside Middle School we foster the belief in our students that they can Learn Today, to Conquer Tomorrow.

Kindness is key in our school. We focus on relationships and taking care of one another. We filter this through three tenets:

  • Take care of yourself:
  • Take care of each other and,
  • Take care of this place

    Riverside teachers are focused on investigative learning. We want our students to be curious and inquisitive and take ownership in their learning, facilitated by teachers and supported by families.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in Problem Based Learning (PBL) courses focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and the appropriate Colorado Academic Standards. 

    We are a school of writers and students are expected to write across all content areas.

    We want you to be a part of Riverside Middle School. If you would like additional information on our school, please contact us at 970-665-7800.

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